The Results Are In! Annual Comfort Food Crawl

by | Feb 25, 2021 | News Releases

The results are in and the winners chosen for the 2021 Uptown Comfort Food Crawl.

Nine Uptown restaurants participated in the crawl – offering tasty comfort food options including pizza, grilled cheese, mac n’ cheese, soup, butter chicken, pot pie and tacos.

Voting by the public took place between January 23rd and February 21st. Participants were asked to purchase at least three of the nine options via curbside pickup or delivery and choose their favourite dish for a chance to win Uptown Dollar prizes.

Drum roll please…..the Uptown restaurant receiving the most public votes was Masala Bay for their delicious butter chicken! Second place was a tie between Beertown’s tasty fish tacos and Ethel’s yummy pulled pork grilled cheese. Third place went to Kentucky Bourbon BBQ’s smoked bacon mac n’ cheese. Congratulations!

Winners from the public polling were drawn this week. Congratulations go out to first place winner Stephanie Eby, second place winner Steph Forte and third place winner Lisa Volp.

Also participating in the voting were celebrity judges Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky, Mike Farwell from 570 News, Laura Geddes from Virgin Radio, Sarge from KFun and recognized food columnist Andrew Coppolino. The judges ended up in a tie between Masala Bay and Ethel’s. Honourable mentions go to Taco Farm, Score Pizza and Proof Kitchen, Prohibition Warehouse and Just Love Pie. Thanks for your support judges!

Stay tuned to learn about more fun ways to support the many unique businesses of Uptown Waterloo.

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