The Uptown Waterloo BIA is committed to work in partnership with the community to:

  • Create a distinctive Uptown that provides a safe, lively, accessible and attractive place to live, learn, work, shop and play in all seasons
  • Achieve a sense of place in which future growth develops in harmony with the City’s historic character and attributes
  • Guide our actions by considering what is beneficial for people and their environment
  • Achieve this vision which will require the collective efforts of all its citizens to build consensus and create momentum toward a vibrant, people oriented, city core

The role of the Uptown Waterloo BIA in redevelopment is clear: to aid and assist the interests of Uptown business with relevance to consumer markets, neighbourhood residences, overall aesthetic, and the continued positive evolution of the Uptown core. The Uptown Waterloo BIA is a partner in helping to steer and direct the process of redevelopment.

For more information, please contact the City of Waterloo Economic Development & Marketing department:

Tel: (519) 747-6110
Web: City of Waterloo Economic Development Department