BIA Committees

The Uptown Waterloo BIA is supported by four main pillars—Marketing, Advocacy and Relationship Building, City Planning and Economic Development and Governance and Finance—designed to create value-added advice and direction to the operation and objectives of the organization.


The Marketing Committee is an operating committee that reports to the BIA’s Executive Director. The Marketing Committee assists in the development of an annual Marketing Plan that aims to:

  1. Support business capacity and exposure with diverse programs and forms of advertising, e.g. co-op advertising; Hand in Hand program; e-newsletter; social media
  2. Promote and develop diverse and “Uniquely Uptown” experiences, e.g. patio, shopping and live music maps; group outing promotions
  3. Develop partnerships for vibrant events that benefit businesses, e.g. sponsored City events such as Lumen and Open Streets; sponsored community events such as Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival and Waterloo Busker Carnival; partnered events such as Solstice Sampling
  4. Measure and build on organizational successes, e.g. surveys to event attendees and participants; social media tracking; research tools and opportunities etc.

The Marketing Committee is always looking for creative and innovative people and we invite you to consider joining our team. If you work with a business in Uptown Waterloo and are interested in joining the Marketing Committee, please Contact Us.


The Advocacy Committee is an operating committee that reports to the BIA’s Executive Director. The Advocacy Committee ensures continued dialogue and partnership between the BIA Board, its members and the City of Waterloo.

Assisting the Executive Director, the BIA Advocacy Committee works on maintaining strong communication among its members and provides various platforms to facilitate such communication. These include lunch and learn sessions, networking meetings, engagement sessions and general membership meetings.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Committee is an operating committee that reports to the BIA’s Executive Director. As the Uptown population grows and new developments move in, so do new residents, visitors and businesses. The Economic Development Committee makes it a priority to understand how best to serve and support new residents, visitors and businesses to enhance their experience in Uptown Waterloo.

The Economic Development Committee works with the Executive Director to monitor and make recommendations regarding the BIA’s economic development framework and processes and supports the BIA in attaining its long-term objectives.


The Governance Committee reports to the BIA’s Board of Directors and ensures the BIA fulfills its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities through adequate governance policy development. The Committee will monitor and make recommendations regarding the BIA’s governance framework and processes and will support the BIA in attaining its long-term objectives.

In addition to these pillars, the BIA is also committed to Beautification, with a goal to draw people to a core that is not only a well-developed centre of commercial activity, but also a well-planned, well-maintained and physically attractive area and living spaces. Beautification projects have included planting trees, garbage receptacles, bicycle racks, street name signs, interlocking sidewalk bricks, hanging flower pots, banner program, spring tulips, Christmas decor, tree lights, attractive benches and decorative pole banners and electrical upgrades.