Associate Memberships

The Uptown Waterloo Business Improvement Area (BIA) exists to promote and beautify Uptown Waterloo. The role of the Uptown Waterloo BIA is to aid and assist the interests of Uptown business with relevance to consumer markets, neighbourhood residences, overall aesthetic, and the continued positive evolution of the Uptown core.

Currently the membership is comprised of approximately 85 retailers, over 70 restaurants and bars as well as summer patios, live music venues and services to explore. The BIA is a not for profit organization, financed by a levy on each property owner in Uptown Waterloo. Members are determined by geographic location within the Uptown boundary, as designated by the City of Waterloo. For more information about the BIA and how it works, visit the What is the BIA? page. 

An associate membership is a voluntary paid membership that receives support and services from the BIA, with some limitations. See more details below. 

Membership, Responsibilities and Approval

Businesses wishing to join the BIA as an associate member require approval from the Board of Directors. The Board reserves the right to deny any applicant who does not meet the membership requirements. Applicants of associate memberships must be legal, permit holding operations, existing within 1.5 km of Waterloo City Hall (100 Regina St. S.) but outside of the delineated BIA boundary or are a legal, permit holding operation in the City of Waterloo that has received encouragement from the BIA to apply.

Associate members are required to maintain payment of annual membership fees and application renewals. Failure to remit membership fees will result in removal of benefits and a loss of membership. Members who maintain good standing are able to sit on the Marketing Committee and may attend the Annual General Meeting but are not eligible to be voting members. Renewal of membership is neither automatic nor guaranteed. Renewal is at the Board’s discretion, regardless of length of membership.

Associate membership requires acceptance of Uptown Dollars as payment for goods and services.

Associate members are not eligible to participate in beautification programs, e.g. hanging flower pots, holiday décor etc.

  • Inclusion in the BIA’s online business directory
  • Receive regular communications, including the monthly ‘Uptown Update’ e-newsletter published by the BIA.
  • Option to submit updates, events or business promotions to be included in BIA communications
  • Potential to request a graffiti cleanup rebate
  • Promotion of business and events through social media, including; Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Co-op advertising opportunities within radio and print media
  • Access to the ‘Members Only’ portal on the Uptown Waterloo BIA website
  • Opportunities to get involved in BIA events, where appropriate
  • Invitation to the AGM
  • Participation in the Uptown Dollars Program
  • Participation in the Waterloo Employee Parking Program

Associate membership fees are set by the Board of Directors and are reviewed annually.  Fees are to be paid in full, annually.

Annual Fee 2021

$420 ($35 per month)