Co-op Advertising

The Uptown BIA offers annual advertising support to Uptown businesses.

Similar to the Hand in Hand program, Uptown businesses can apply for advertising funding of up to $500 per business. If you would like to apply for Co-op Advertising, please read the following requirements and fill out the application form below:

  • The Co-op Advertising Program is available only for Uptown Waterloo BIA businesses or advertising through an Uptown business.
  • This program is intended to cover direct advertising costs in social media, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, etc.
  • Businesses will receive funding by e-transfer (preferred) or cheque after their ad has run. Please confirm which e-mail you use to receive e-transfers.
  • In order to receive funding, please send a copy of your invoice from the ad to
  • It is the sole responsibility of each business to organize and execute the campaign; the BIA will not provide any graphic design or production support. The sole mandate of the Co-op Advertising Program is to subsidize the cost of the ad(s).
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for application approval (provided the invoice is received). 
  • Only applications that meet the above requirements will be approved. 

Click here to fill out the Co-op Advertising Application



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